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Plan to create your own line of self-watering pots? Brice Gardening is here to assist you in your self-watering flower pot needs from start to finish.

self watering pots
Hi, I'm Paul from Brice Gardening. It would be my pleasure to walk you through our manufacturing solutions process.

As a co-founder of Brice Gardening, it has been my pleasure to help Brice Gardening grow into an internationally recognized and respected manufacturer of hanging plant pots and indoor/outdoor self-watering pots.

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Why choose Brice Gardening Pots?

We always support you planter pot with hydroponic system solutions from concept to delivery.

Brice Gardening offers superior manufacturing and customization options to suit your needs. We produce self-watering pots with effectiveness, quality, and durability.

Here are just a few reasons why Brice Gardening is your ideal manufacturing partner:

We offer competitive and fair pricing.
We have robust manufacturing capabilities and years of gardening industry experience.
Professional solutions with quick turnaround times.
We can produce a fast prototype in just 7 business days.
We offer ODM and OEM customization services.
We can guarantee a stable supply of raw materials and consistent high-quality production.

Want to know how we can do business? Let's talk!

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Self-watering Planter Manufacturer Working with Big and Small Brands

Brice Gardening prioritizes the end user's needs and thoughtfully designs self-watering planters suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Feel free to select from our wide product range or contact us to find out more about our competitive pricing.

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Desktop Use
Self-watering Pots
Slef Watering System
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Water Level Indicator
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Water Inlet
Pot Component

Self Watering System

Simply add your substrate of choice to the planter and be sure to cover the separator. Add the plant and fill-in with more substrate.

Growing-in Phase

Continue watering as usual over the course of the next 12 weeks. Water the plant from above, making sure to saturate the substrate evenly. Once the plant has stabilized and the growing-in phase is complete, the plant is able to care for itself utilizing the convenient and  easy self-watering system.

Watering and Dry Phase

Be sure to fill the water reservoir using the water supply shaft until you see the water level indicator is at "max." When the water level indicator reads "min," this is the start of the "dry phase" for the plant which may last 2 -10 days. Refill the water level to the "max" via the water supply shaft after every dry phase.

Custom Self Watering Pots For Home

Our mission is to answer your manufacturing needs from start to finish.

Stylish & Unique

We can provide you with one-of-a-kind bespoke designs utilizing private molds to protect your authenticity.

Functional Design

Our functional hydroponic system delivers optimal irrigation. Our dedicated engineers can adjust the structural design of the planter and the hydroponic system to suit your specific requirements.

Thoughtfully Constructed for Your Market

Because we understand the gardening industry.

Better Material and Affordable Budget

We know our materials and offer quality solutions for optimal self-watering system performance.

Bulk Self Watering Pots in Stock

We have self-watering planters in stock, if you are concerned about lead time. Most of our popular auto-watering pots are stocked and ready for quick turnaround packaging and shipping.

Low MOQ Support

We set our MOQ to a minimum of 500 to help you start out.

self watering flower pots

Manufacturing Process with Full Service

Brice Gardening is happy to welcome prospective clients for a tour of our world-class premises and manufacturing facilities.

brand new material
Brand New Material

We offer the best material for self-watering pots and collaborate with only the most reputable plastic and raw material sources as well as packaging suppliers.

Complete Quality Control
Control Over All Procedures

We offer you control over manufacturing procedures so that you can ensure quality manufacturing processes and high-quality output.

flower pot supply control
Stable Supply Control

Brice Gardening guarantees consistent supply and quality raw materials. We utilize state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to ensure our customers a reliable supply of high-quality self-watering herb pots.

planter pots testing
Rigorous Testing

At Brice Gardening, we conduct rigorous quality tests on finished planter pots. We conduct strict quality tests on all of our plastic planter pots to ensure that our products are durable and functional.

Business with Brice Gardening Easy and Safe

From concept to completion, our experienced engineers work closely with our clients to help craft the best self-watering planters according to their requirements.

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Send Your Ideas

We will provide a marketable concept for your planter pot needs. We are contactable via message, e-mail, or Dropbox. You can customize your self-draining pot by choosing the color and hydroponic solution system.

Sample Molding

We will assist you in constructing the optimal mold for your indoor planter needs. We create quality molds according to your exact specifications.

Trial Order

You are always welcome to order a small batch of self-watering planter pots for review and testing purposes. A small test order is an easy way to see for yourself that our quality production process meets your high standards.

Mass Production

Once you've signed our contract, we diligently manufacture your self-watering pot using our advanced manufacturing skills and equipment to deliver by the expected deadline.

Delivery and Logistics

Our self-watering pots are assembled and packaged within their custom packaging. The entire shipment is then carefully stored and packed in cargo containers for safety, expeditious shipping, and timely arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about us and products? No worries, here are some answers for you.

Does Brice Gardening offer free shipping for wholesale sub-irrigated planter pot samples?

At this time, we do not offer free shipping, you are required to pay a small fee for shipping of our wholesale self-watering planter pot samples.

What do I do if my wholesale order is late or delayed?

If your order is late or delayed by more than one week, please e-mail Brice Gardening customer care via the website to receive immediate assistance.

Please note that sometimes orders are delayed due to unforeseeable circumstances, please be patient and we will be sure to inform you if there is a valid reason for the delay.

Can Brice Gardening replace products which are damaged during shipping?

At Brice Gardening, we do our utmost to ensure that your products are well-packaged prior to shipping.

Please contact customer care using our website if there is an issue with your order and they will advise you accordingly.

How long until I receive the products I have ordered?

Expect delivery within 1 week if you are purchasing an already manufactured item without customization.

Please note that it may take up to 30 days for mass production products with custom logo.

I Want to Know About Your Manufacturing Advantages.

Our manufacturing expertise in the garden supply industry has helped international garden supply brands create positive customer experiences.

All of our high-quality products are made to order and of a high standard. Allow Brice Gardening to assist you in every step of the manufacturing process from start to finish.

Why Brice Gardening Self Watering Hanging Pots?

Our self-watering planters are 90% more efficient than traditional pots. Water does not evaporate as quickly and minerals and nutrients are absorbed more effectively because the soil remains moist reducing the risk of overwatering or underwatering.

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Our wholesale program is developed to give you quality products at a fraction of the cost. Buying wholesale allows you to acquire self-watering planters and planter pots in bulk and at a friendly price point.

This is an ideal solution for established garden centers looking to optimize and scale their sales to service more customers.

Brice Gardening Wholesale Program

As the premier garden supply manufacturer, our optimized machinery and operating processes allow us to offer our customers high-quality and customizable self-watering planter solutions.

We offer a complete manufacturing solution enabling you to focus on marketing and winning your clients' business.

Brice Gardening Customized Solutions

We also offer service to DTC brands by providing competitive pricing and business options when purchasing planter pots in bulk orders.

DTC branding helps you build your brand and name while creatin a connection with your client base.

Brice Gardening Direct To Customer Service