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Looking for a reliable hanging planters supplier? At Brice Gardening, you'll get all the information you need about the hanging plant pots.

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3 Years warranty

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Auto watering up to 3 months

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Unique self watering system inside

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Over 10 Years of planter pot industry experience

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Flexible MOQs at competitive wholesale pricing

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self watering hanging pot

Self Watering Hanging Basket Features

To help the hanging pots brands ensure that the flower pot their offering meets the customer expectations, we provide tailored OEM services. Products that we offer are tested, certified from concept to completion.

railing planter

Hanging Pot

easy for hanging planter

Desktop Use

carrying handles of planter

Drain Hole

drain hole

Color Option

water indicator

Self Watering Base

balcony brackets

Water Level Indicator

* We have a healthy respect for security and privacy.

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Advantages of our Custom Hanging Planters

Planning to Launch Self Watering Hanging Pots? Well, You've found a partner that is Design-Driven. We are always focus in improving out planters quality control system, and production efficiency.

Stylish & Unique

To protect your profit and interest, we make a private mold. Also, we provide you with a unique style in the market.

Constructed to Match Your Market

By deep research of your local market, we can ascertain the functionalities desired by your target clients and develop them appropriately.

Flexible MOQ Support

MOQ is critical for some news brands. Our minimum order quantity is 500 to assist you in getting started!

Superior Materials Within Your Budget

We are familiar with the qualities of a variety of materials and pick just the best to ensure the customers' perfect planting experience.

Functional Interior Design

Our engineer adapts the structural design to the unique hydroponic system to ensure optimal performance.

Hanging Planter in Stock

Are you worried about the lead time? Most of our hanging planters are in stock, we can send them out within 3 days.

self watering hanging basket

Find More Bulk Planter Pot Styles

Brice Gardening's factories are capable of manufacturing 200,000 garden pots per month thanks to our advanced machinery and expert team. We utilize an optimized lead-time management system and enforce a strict QC policy for our plastic plant pot production bulk orders.

How We Cooperate?

Our skilled and certified engineers work directly with you from start to finish to develop a self-watering planter solution that meets your business objectives.

mist sprayer factory worker
Send Your Ideas

Connect with us with any idea about the planter pot, such as logo, color, package, our designer and experts will thoroughly study your needs, and get back to you with full solutions.

Sample Review

We proceed self watering pot samples as per your requirement. If you need any adjustment about the hydroponic system, we will reconstructed the mold to meet your needs precisely.

Trial Order

You are welcome to place an order for a small batch of your planter pots for testing purposes. The trial order ensures that your entire purchase of planting pots fits your specifications.

Mass Production

Following the execution of your contract, we begin manufacturing your hanging planter orders using innovative production equipment and within the specified time frame.

Delivery and Logistics

After QC inspection pass, all completed self-watering planters will be packaged in bespoke packaging and put in cargo containers to ensure their safety and timely arrival.

We Serve Your Brands with Full Service

Brice Gardening provides ultimate solutions to deliver high quality self watering planters, make use of the professional to get the wholesale flower pots order done efficiently.

brand new material
Best Material for Self Watering Pot

By partnering with only the top suppliers of plastic raw materials, and packages, we ensure that our prices remain stable regardless of market fluctuations.

Complete Quality Control
Complete Quality Control

We maintain control throughout the production process and adhere to the same high standards at each workshop and phase.

flower pot supply control
Consistent Quality and Stable Supply

We are introducing cutting-edge technology and equipment from domestic and international sources to assure a steady supply of high-quality Self Watering Hanging Pot.

planter pots testing
Extensive Testing of Hanging Baskets

Conducting and repeating testing on hanging plant holders to verify good performance under adverse situations.

Why choose Brice Gardening?

Valuing customer satisfaction is our priority. We provide complete services to all planter pot business owners. To meet all your needs, we aim to deliver the best quality self watering planters for both indoor and outdoor use.

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All self watering pots are made of high-quality polypropylene material. It is virtually unbreakable, and UV-Resistent.

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Your plants will have water to grow healthy and strong due to our unique hydroponic system.

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When it comes to the dealing of products, we are genuine as a brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about us and products? No worries, here are some answers for you.

Are you able to provide samples without a shipping fee?

We can provide FREE planter pots for free, you will only need to pay a small express fee.

What am I supposed to do if my wholesale order delays?

Usually it will not happen according to our stable supply chain, however, unforeseen situations might cause this problem.

We will keep on following your order schedule from samples to shipping, don't hesitate to contact our customer service via the website if any question.

Are you able to replace products that get damaged during shipping?

This issue is not expected since we guarantee that all of our planter pots are well-packaged before shipment.

However, if this occurs, don't hesitate to contact customer service via cnbrice.com. We will send you the backup products accordingly.

How long about the production time?

Usually we need 30 days for planter pots production.

Do you have DTC Service for your self watering pots?

Yes, we cater to Direct To Customer brands by offering excellent business opportunities to assist you in investing in planter pots.

It enables you to concentrate on developing your brand and establishing rapport with your clientele.

Why Brice Gardening Self Watering Hanging Pots?

The unique hydroponic system makes our hanging pot 95% more water-efficient than standard pots, minerals are absorbed more efficiently since the soil is continually moist, water does not evaporate, avoiding cycles of overwatering and underwatering.

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* We have a healthy respect for security and privacy.

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Our wholesale program is developed to give you quality products at a fraction of the cost. Buying wholesale allows you to acquire self-watering planters and planter pots in bulk and at a friendly price point.

This is an ideal solution for established garden centers looking to optimize and scale their sales to service more customers.

Brice Gardening Wholesale Program

As the premier garden supply manufacturer, our optimized machinery and operating processes allow us to offer our customers high-quality and customizable self-watering planter solutions.

We offer a complete manufacturing solution enabling you to focus on marketing and winning your clients' business.

Brice Gardening Customized Solutions

We also offer service to DTC brands by providing competitive pricing and business options when purchasing planter pots in bulk orders.

DTC branding helps you build your brand and name while creatin a connection with your client base.

Brice Gardening Direct To Customer Service