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Brice Gardening has been a leader in fabricating world-class customized self watering tall planter pots for brand owners, wholesalers, and distributors across the globe.

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Functional & precise production

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Fast price offer within 10 hours

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Free railing pots sample

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Self-Owned planter pot factory

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Quality assurance of product consistency in any self-watering planters

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rattan railing planters

Balcony Planter Boxes For Railings

As witnessed by our showcased products, Brice Gardening strives for originality to help you make a powerful impact on your target market. Our seasoned experience as reputable self-watering planter manufacturers and our dependable craftsmanship will help you satisfy your clients' expectations of quality products.

railing planter

Patio Railing Planters

easy for hanging planter

Easy for Hanging

carrying handles of planter

Rattan Style

drain hole

Drain Hole

water indicator

Carrying Handle

balcony brackets

Railing Pot Holder

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Complete Service From Concept to Launch

At Brice Gardening, our collaboration goes beyond basic product design and manufacturing. We will walk you through our complete process for manufacturing planter pots, from pre-sales guidance to aftersales support.

If you work with us, you can expect:

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Customizable plastic pots for your target market

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Swift production enabling faster market launches because of our rapid sampling and mass manufacturing capabilities

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Added brand value by utilizing our bespoke packaging solutions

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1-year quality guarantee in case of defective plastic planters

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99% Timely delivery

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Solid production plan for you

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Self Watering System For Hanging Pots

This functional hydroponic system allows your plants the optimal amount of oxygen and water for robust and healthy growth. The handy water level indicator indicates when water is needed.

Experience 90% more watering efficiency than conventional pots.Brice Gardening makes indoor and outdoor plantscaping easy. All Brice Gardening planters include a planter liner and a functional watering system to optimize plant growth.

water indicator

Water Indicator

planter substrate

Pot Separator

self watering system of railing planter

Self Watering System

rattan planter size

Advanced Sub Irrigated Planter
Facilities For Rapid Manufacturing

Our factories are capable of complete production due to our advanced machinery, including powerful injection machines, painting equipment, and multi-colored printing machines. Our skilled workforce is prepared to produce thousands of pieces and flawlessly handle bulk orders, and our professional team enables a smooth and detail-oriented manufacturing process.

sprayer material

High Quality Material

sprayer molding

Experienced Worker

sprayer injection machine

Precise Injection

sprayer production line

Cheap Factory Price

sprayer printing line

Printing Service Available

factory worker inspect sprayer production

Quality Control System

garden sprayer package

OEM Package

garden sprayer warehousing

Warehousing Support

Discover More Planter Pots Styles

We offer quality hanging planters, railing planters, table planters, outdoor planters, and much more. Brice Gardening can meet your expectations for cost-conscious planter pot solutions. We can raise your brand to new heights with more than 10 years of industry experience and quality craftsmanship.

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Developing a new and marketable sub-irrigated planter product is easy with Brice Gardening. Tell us about your planter pot project needs today!


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Fast delivery within 30 days

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