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Brice Gardening provides custom indoor watering cans, perfect for any garden layout. Huge range of customization options, top-notch craftsmanship. Bulk orders accepted. No MOQ required!

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Lightweight. Long Spout. Versatile Use

Indoor Watering Can Features

Brice Gardening is well-known for its original product design, having introduced numerous cutting-edge gardening watering cans and accessories over the years. Check out the product features that set us apart from other manufacturers.

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Durable and sturdy; Made of high-strength, thickened PS resin

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Long-stem sprout (7.3in - 0.65in)

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Clear design in colors blue, red, green, and yellow

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Raised angle head

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Built-in filling hole

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Capacity: 1.4L/47.35oz

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Trusted By Worldwide Garden Supplies Brands

Brice Gardening is always considering new ways to serve our clients better. We work hard to facilitate your success as a reliable vendor partner.

Your Best Watering Can Manufacturer in China

Our indoor plant watering cans are built to last because we and we take great care in selecting raw materials. When you compare our manufacturing advantages to our competitors, you'll find that ours offers the best overall value.

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We provide OEM and ODM services, offering wide logo print methods and multiple package designs.
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Our manufacturing facility has served the gardening supply market for over a decade. We can respond to your needs immediately.
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Our skilled engineers will closely monitor production, from obtaining raw materials to shipping.
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Our stable pricing can help you save money on shipping.
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We do weekly stocktakes and updates. Most of our sprayers are sold with low MOQ.
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Step-by-Step Watering Can Manufacturing Process

We place a high priority on cultivating a solid relationship with our employees and partners. As much as you do, it is in our best interest for you to succeed.  We offer reliable services and products backed by recommendations you can rely upon.

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Excellent Raw Materials

  • Our in-house inspection team will thoroughly examine all raw materials for the gardening watering can before production.
  • Every one of our plastic watering cans successfully satisfies stringent quality controls.
experienced engineer

Certified Manpower

  • Committed to selling only high-quality gardening supplies at reasonable prices.
  • Our engineers have over a decade of experience.
  • A specialist is in charge of every step of production.
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Stringent Production

  • Our indoor watering cans are made with precision and care using the latest HAITIAN plastic injection machines.
  • Conform to international import requirements.
  • ISO9001:2015 certified
  • Accredited by the BSCI
logo printing - OEM Service

Logo Imprint & Package

  • Most gardening products are customizable with logos via silk printing, pad printing, hot stamping, or laser engraving.
  • We can always assist in producing brand packaging for you.
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Internal Quality Control

  • Our in-house quality control team inspects all products that may be flawed.
  • Gardening products with defects, such as in logo, an unintended shade of color, smudges, scratches, or points, are prohibited for distribution.
  • Our skilled employees will carefully pack your items following your specifications.

Worldwide Delivery

  • An expedited delivery time is guaranteed
  • Capability of handling large orders with ease
  • Delivery options are flexible to ensure you get the products to you quickly and reliably.

We Bring Professional Plant Watering Can Options

Not only do we sell unique products, but many of them can't be found anywhere else. Our design and development team has been reimagining gardening solutions and providing fresh gardening ideas for over 10 years. ​

Indoor Planters

Hand-held Plant Mister

Hanging Pots

Air Pressure Watering Can

Tablet Planters

1.5L Electric Plant Mister

Desktop Planters

Electric Mist Sprayer

Round Planters

Plastic Watering Can

Railing Planters

Automatic Water Sprayer

Rattan Planters

Indoor Watering Can

Wicker Planters

750ML Water Mister

Source Your Tailored Gardening Products From A Reliable China Supplier

Brice Gardening gives people the tools they need to become their bosses and turn their passion for gardening into a successful business. We can make that happen with our cutting-edge products, comprehensive how-to catalog, and team of experts.

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We offer wholesale pricing on our high-quality indoor watering cans.
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Quality checks are performed on every product to ensure they live up to their claims.
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We produce high-quality molds that meet your exact requirements. Can be available in 15 business days.
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Our in-house, award-winning design team is always working on developing innovative solutions to everyday gardening problems.
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Robust, cutting-edge machinery; prompt shipment is ensured.
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Brice Gardening Service

Table of Contents

When can I expect to receive the items I have purchased?
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If you are not having a product specifically made for you, you can expect delivery within a week.

Please allow up to 30 days to deliver bulk orders with a custom logo.
How About Your Manufacturing Capabilities?
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Our knowledge and experience in manufacturing for the garden supply industry have aided major global garden supply companies in providing superior service to their customers.

Every one of our premium products is custom-made to your specifications and built to last. Let Brice Gardening help you with the entire production procedure.
I need to know how many gallons this watering can hold.
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The capacity of this particular model of indoor watering can is 0.37 US gallons (or 1.4 liters).1 gallon = 4.2 Liters or 3x fill on this indoor watering can
Why Choose Indoor Watering Cans from Brice Gardening
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Brice Gardening's indoor watering cans are ergonomically optimized and aesthetically pleasing, allowing your customers to quickly and neatly water their plants. It is lightweight and compact, making it convenient to transport and store.

The long spout of their stems allows water to reach those inaccessible spots, and the gentle spray of the fountain relieves stress on the plants.
What types of watering cans can you produce?
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We can produce watering cans according to your requirements. No limitations. From company logo to packaging, we can serve you.

To give you an idea, here are some considerations of watering cans we can do for you

Steel or Plastic

Metal and plastic are the two most common materials for watering cans. These watering cans are made of plastic, which is less expensive but less durable than other materials.

Galvanized metal containers will not rust and will last much longer than their plastic counterparts. These watering cans may be a little more cumbersome to transport, but they will stay for the duration of your gardening career.

Sprinkler adapter

The sprinkler head, also known as a rose or rosette, is an integral part of the watering can. Knowing when to use a watering can with different spray spouts is essential if you need an adjustable spray rosette.

Some garden watering cans spray water in a fine mist to avoid splashing. These are helpful for tender plants and sprouts. The rose at the end of the spout could be detached so that concentrated streams of water could be dispensed quickly.

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