Customized Large Outdoor Planters From Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Through the years, Brice Gardening has obtained invaluable experience in every step of the outdoor planters OEM & ODM process. It brings us great joy to share our expertise and know-how with you via our full range of services, including research, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

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large plastic outdoor planter

Top-Ranking Outdoot Planter Pots Supplier

As a respected large outdoor planters manufacturer, Brice Gardening is proud of the consistency and quality of our products. We adhere to the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process using the most current production equipment, and we perform regular inspections to ensure our large planters exceed your expectations.

outdoor plant pot

Black Planter Pot

white outdoor flower pot

Outdoor Planter Pot

outdoor planter size

Planters Size Option

carrying handle

Carrying Handles

water indicator

Water Indicator

trolley wheel of planter pot

Trolley Wheel

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Sourcing Large Garden Pots From Brice Gardening

Brice Gardening produces best large plastic plant pots from material selection and mold making to design and product distribution for our clients. We conduct strict inspections and audits at the end of every process to ensure the highest standards are achieved, and consistent quality is evident in each product.

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Quality materials for every large plastic planter

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Customized solution for Gardening Shops, wholesalers, retailers, and Amazon Sellers

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Steady supply chain and reliable quality

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Years of plastic flower pot industry knowledge

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Unique Planter Box Irrigation System

Brice Gardening's easy watering system for planters is user-friendly. Simply cover the separator with base, then add the plant and soil. Once you add water, you do not need to water again for 2 months.

Our planters operate 90% more efficiently than traditional pots. Water does not evaporate as quickly, and minerals and nutrients are more readily absorbed because the soil is moist. The risk of over or underwatering is reduced.

self watering base

Self Watering Base

planter substrate

Easy Assembly

self watering system of ourdoor planter

Autowatering System

ourdoor planter sizes

Partner with Brice Gardening and Experience Amazing Manufacturing Support

Brice Gardening is a well-established outdoor flower pots manufacturing company in China. We provide quality planter pots to grow your business and service your customers' requirements. When you work with us, you gain access to our complete large plastic planters manufacturing capabilities. Our thorough approach helps your company stand out from the rest and satisfy your customers' needs.

sprayer material

High Quality Material

sprayer molding

Experienced Worker

sprayer injection machine

Precise Injection

sprayer production line

Cheap Factory Price

sprayer printing line

Printing Service Available

factory worker inspect sprayer production

Quality Control System

garden sprayer package

OEM Package

garden sprayer warehousing

Warehousing Support

Sourcing large house plant pots From China Vendor

We take your design ideas and help you create high-quality, marketable big pots for indoor plants that will elevate your brand to greater heights. Get exclusive sales rights within your area. Become more competitive and increase your brand's recognition by working with us on a bespoke design that makes people take notice of your brand.

large House Plant Pots
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Wholesale Indoor Planter Pot Prices

Our superior quality plastic planters are available at wholesale rates, which helps you save money and reduces your production costs.

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Quick Production & Turnaround Times

We produce your indoor and outdoor self watering plastic pots swiftly to make your business's production and distribution schedule as seamless as possible.

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Free Large Flower Planter Pot Sample

Receive a free plastic pot sample to review and test. Once you confirm we've produced your ideal design, we proceed with manufacturing.

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Reasonable Minimum Order Quantity

Our clients are important to us, so we keep our MOQs to 500 pieces to accommodate small and large orders.

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Pots of Exceptional Quality

We have strict manufacturing standards and routinely check quality. We aim to offer you the finest plastic self watering planters in the market.

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Attentive Aftersales Service

Your Brice Gardening team is responsive and ready to assist you with all aftersales procedures, including warehousing, shipment, and timely delivery.

Sell Your Unique big pots for indoor plants Exclusively

Brice Gardening can produce custom designs reserved for your brand alone. Offering a unique planter pot design can help distinguish you from your competitors. Contact us to elevate your business today!

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Avoid Price Wars

No need for peer competition when pricing your unique indoor self watering planter.

sprayer molding

More Loyal Customers

Create a loyal customer following by offering products they want.

sprayer injection machine

Unique Brand Recognition

The innovative design we create for you will help you distinguish your brand.

Custom Plastic Flower Pots For Indoor & Outdoor

By creating a bespoke and functional garden pot, you define your brand and differentiate yourself from the rest. Let us help you rise above your competitors with unique, functional, and bespoke designs that accurately reflect your brand identity and message. We can offer you exclusive sales rights in your area. Contact us if you want something special.

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Developing a new and marketable sub-irrigated planter product is easy with Brice Gardening. Tell us about your planter pot project needs today!


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