8 Things to consider before importing plastic flower pots made in China

Plastic is a versatile material for growing pots. Some plastic pots are incredibly appealing and high-end, while other plastic containers are undeniably low-cost and unsightly. If you're considering importing plastic pots made in China, there are a few critical factors to keep in mind.

What are plastic pots? Why buy them?

Today's pots come in various materials, including clay, porcelain, recycled, and polyethylene. The latter is strongly advised because they are constructed of a lightweight substance that may also be robust. They have even more advantages: they are considerably less costly than others, which is unquestionably excellent news for people who want to purchase several of them.

There are many different types, of which there is more and more each year. These are constructed of a more robust plastic that prevents spoiling and makes them ideal for outside plants.

The quality

The container walls' thickness and flexibility can be used to judge their quality. Thick enough container walls should support the weight of wet earth. The greater the diameter, the thicker the wall.

You may assess the suppleness of a container by pressing it. If the container is too stiff, it will lose its suppleness in a short time.

These points are critical if you want to maintain the quality of your crops or feed them with good nutritional content throughout their growth cycle. Remember that combining high-quality plastic flower pots with proper aftercare and optimal care is the key to success.

The plant pot size

Ideally, there should be at least 2-3cm of space between the side of the plant and the edge of the container.

Talk to your customer, and ask them to take the plant measurements before buying it. That way, you will be able to plan and have the perfect size container ready when the time comes.

This is especially important for wholesalers who will often buy in bulk; they need to make sure that all their plants are of an appropriate size so that they can be placed in the correct plant pots.

If you're unsure what size pot to get, it's always better to err on the side of caution and go for something slightly larger; you can always put a smaller plant in a bigger pot, but you can't put a big plant in a small one!

The pot type (indoor/outdoor)

Some are exceptional, with stickers or plaques displayed on the terraces, balconies, etc. These are made of highly durable plastic that can remain intact for many years. The cost is higher, but if you cultivate plants in those areas... it may be worthwhile.

The common ones, found in stores and even in bazaars, are made of higher plastic. They're strong enough but have a limit. It's worth noting that they come in different sizes and can be customized to hold more or less water.

So, if you're a wholesaler or importer of plastic flower pots, you must know about the different pot types out there to better serve your customers. Whether they need an indoor or outdoor pot, it's crucial to select one that will last and keep their plants looking beautiful for years to come.

The Pot shape

Whether you're looking for a small, rounded water fountain to place in your garden or a tall, triangular planter to adorn your entryway, there are plenty of different shapes to choose from when it comes to outdoor décor.

To satisfy your customer's demands, you must offer a variety of pot shapes to choose from. Following are some of the reasons why the pot shape of your plastic flower pots is essential:

  • Different pot shapes can create other visual effects. For example, a tall and slender pot will make plants appear taller, while a shorter and wider pot will make them appear more expansive.
  • Furthermore, different pot shapes can have various functional benefits as well. For instance, a taller and thinner pot may be better suited for smaller plants with shallow roots, while a shorter and wider pot may be more suitable for larger plants that need deeper soil coverage.
  • Ultimately, the key to success as a wholesale supplier is to offer a diverse selection of pot shapes that will appeal to your customers' wide range of tastes and preferences.

So if you want to satisfy your customers' demands and grow your business, consider the many benefits of different pot shapes when designing your product line.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ)

A MOQ is the minimum amount of products that a manufacturer is willing to produce for you.

It's usually based on the number of raw materials needed to produce the product, the time required to make it, and other costs.

For example, you might want to purchase plastic flower pots from a Chinese manufacturer. The MOQ might be 1,000 pieces. You have to order at least 1,000 pots, even if you only need 500.

Why is the MOQ important?

The MOQ is important because it determines how much inventory you have to buy. If the MOQ is too high, you might have to buy more inventory than you need, which can be costly. Conversely, if the MOQ is too low, you might not have enough stock to meet customer demand.

The lead time

To know about the lead time, you need to understand the process of making plastic flower pots.

  • First, ingredients are melted in a furnace at 100-160 degrees Celsius until they reach a liquid state.
  • Then, the color (usually white) is added and mixed thoroughly.
  • Now you have a base material for your flower pot!

These days, some companies use an injection molding process to speed up production. This involves melting the plastic and injecting it at high pressure. The mold determines the shape of the final product. After cooled down, the flower pot is ejected from the mold and sent for quality control inspection. The entire process usually takes about 2-4 minutes.

The lead time for a plastic flower pot depends on the order quantity. For example, you might order 500 pieces. Once all the materials and tools are ready, the production line can produce about 1,000 pieces per day. If your order is complete in two weeks, you should expect to receive it by the 15th or 16th day.

Wholesalers need to be aware of the lead time of the plastic flower pot because it will affect their inventory. If a wholesaler is short on stock, they might have to order from multiple suppliers, which can cause delays in receiving the product. It's essential to plan and order early to avoid any disruptions in your inventory.

Shipping cost and method

In the pandemic, the shipping cost and the delivery method for the plastic flower pot have become especially important for wholesalers. They have to make sure that their goods get from point A to point B without being damaged, but they also need to ensure that shipping is affordable and efficient.

There are several different ways that wholesalers can ship the plastic flower pot. The most common method is via truck or rail, but air and sea options are also available. Wholesalers need to consider the time frame that they have to work with and the budget that they have to ship the product.

  • Shipping by truck is usually the most economical option, but it can take longer.
  • Rail shipping is a bit more expensive, but it can be faster.
  • Air shipping is the most costly option, but it is also the fastest.
  • Sea shipping is somewhere in the middle regarding both cost and time.

Wholesalers need to make sure that they choose the suitable shipping method for their needs.

The Pot price

Price will be one of the main factors for wholesalers and importers as they will be the key players in determining how much consumers need to pay for a plastic flower pot. The price can impact people's choices and even their behaviors, which will also define the size of demand in the market. Therefore, wholesalers and importers must have a detailed understanding of the plastic flower pot price, which can help them determine the most suitable plans or actions for their businesses.

Considering the abovementioned factors, negotiating with the manufacturer and getting the best price for plastic flower pots is very important for wholesalers. And also have to think about how to set their retail prices to gain more profits and still satisfy customers.


By understanding all these elements, the importers can make the best decision for their business and avoid any potential risks. With careful planning and execution, they can ensure that their plastic flower pot business is a success.

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