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Quality assurance at every stage in our factory based in China

10 years of manufacturing

500+ happy customers

Integrated QC & QA team

Rapid Production & Delivery

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Automatic Mist Sprayer

We are a trustful supplier focusing on gardening supplies, ensuring the correct plant mister at the right price point.

Metal Watering Can

With our highly skilled staff and advanced machinery, we can provide 24-hour service on any watering can requirements.

Garden Watering Can

We work with various industries that require garden watering cans and can provide services to these industries because of our experience and expertise.

Brice Gardening Service

Professional. Certified. Innovative.

Get High-Quality Electric Mist Sprayer From Gardening Expert

We take part in order follow-up, pot manufacturing, testing & inspection with full respect.

OEM & ODM Service

Accept trial orders in small quantity

High quality & moderate price

Full experience in cost control & supply chain management.

We focus on manufacturing arrangement and SOP improvement.

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How Our Process Works


Send Your Needs

Send your need through our website, or you can email them, and we will get back to you within 10 working hours with a quotation.



Once you have accepted our quote, we will work on manufacturing your water mister to the highest quality in 20 days!


Quality Inspection

Our expert team of engineers carry out rigorous Quality Control to ensure thorough inspections of your parts and ensure they are right the first time.



We ensure on-time delivery to your warehouse and can deliver anywhere you are in the fastest time.

Over 10 Years of Experience in Electric Mist Sprayer

We have over 10 years of experience providing gardening supplies for worldwide clients, enabling us to build a solid reputation throughout the industry.

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